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Arizona Landcape and IrrigationArizona Desert Bloom Landscape

Arizona Desert Bloom Landscape, we are a professional landscape company that serves Tucson and surrounding areas. We provide three distinct services for your home or business.  Beautiful landscapes, landscape maintenance, and decorative rock services.

Desert Bloodwood Tree

Corymbia Opaca


Desert Bloodwood Tree - The Bleeding Tree

This tree bleeds blood red sap.  This tree has tough leathery leaves and they store water in their roots. This tree produces a yellow and white flower during cooler months. The nector from these flowers provide a high energy drink for may many desert animals. It is a slow growing plant that lives a long time.

Smart Irrigation Control

Turn your sprinkler controller into a smart controller. The power of the weather at your fingertips

Turn your current sprinkler timer into a smart controller that can be managed from your smart phone, tablet or computer.


Don't water in the rain, let the weather determine when your lawn is thirsty.

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